Alternative Dental Implants May Be Better


When it comes to having dental implants made up, patients at large do not really have any final say in the matter. While cosmetics or aesthetics do play a significant part in this choice, there are other factors that still need to be taken into account. The best dental implants loudon patients are presented with could very well be alternative dental implant techniques that their dentists have proposed in view of the fact that they may not have been eligible for original considerations.

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This short article reviews some of those alternative dental implants. These include what are known in some circles as immediate load dental implants, mini dental implants and what you could call an all-rounder. Immediate load dental implants are also referred to as same day implants. This is the time when immediate placement of a temporary tooth can take place during a consultation. It’s feasible if the patient has enough natural bone.

The temporary implant must, however, be secure enough to support immediate placement. It must be able to put pressure on the temporary tooth. Mini dental implants are also known as small or narrow diameter implants. They are no bigger than a toothpick. And they are narrower than most of the commonly used dental implants. Less invasive techniques inform the placement of these minute-sized implants.

Its main purpose is to stabilize a lower denture. The so-called all-rounder is an alternative to the placing of a top or bottom set of replacement teeth. The clinical term referred to is that of a full arch. In this process, up to four dental implants will be placed in available bone. This also avoids the need for bone grafting. That concludes this brief overview of alternative dental implants. Be well.