When to Schedule an Electrical Inspection


Electrical inspections keep your home safe, free from dangers that may lead to hazards including fires. Most people do not realize that electrical fires are the number one cause of house fires. That is why you should schedule inspections regularly. The peace of mind and protection that comes after an electrician professionally inspects the electrical system is second to none. But exactly when is a good time to schedule professional residential electrical inspections phoenix?

Before Buying a Home

Conduct an electrical inspection pre-purchase of a new home, regardless of its age. Electrical problems can occur due to faulty installation or any number of problems. The inspection detects those problems and corrects them, if needed.

Signs of Electrical Trouble

Many signs that suggest an electrical problem in the home can result in a fire if you ignore the problems. Do not make that mistake. Schedule an electrical inspection and a professional determines the exact cause of trouble.

Before an Upgrade

Home upgrades improve the place that you call home, add value to the property, and offer other exciting benefits. However, they can be dangerous if electrical considerations are not kept in mind. Avoid hassles by scheduling the inspection before making any remodels or upgrades in the house.

Older Homes

If you live in a house that was built 25 years ago or longer, schedule an annual electrical inspection. The problem that can occur with the electrical system increases in an older home. The best way to prevent trouble and danger is with this helpful professional inspection.

DIY Electrical Work

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DIY electrical work saves a ton of money, but it may come at a cost if you are inexperienced. Rather than hope for the best, schedule an affordable inspection when all is said and done. You will appreciate the added peace of mind that things were done right.